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About Me

Who am I? This is without a doubt one of the most difficult questions to answer (if we are being honest with ourselves). I have to say it took me years to discover who I really am, hence the difficulty to put it into words and even worse to keep it short.

Let’s just say that I am a proud immigrant (born and raised in Mexico) full of passion. Yes, I feel passionate about many things, but I will share the three most important to my work.

Helping clients across the world to reach their learning goals is one of my biggest passions. My unique superpower is to create engaging learning solutions that go beyond borders and cultures.

Writing is another great passion of mine. I love sharing my view of the world through words, and I am especially proud of the many articles I have published in both Mexico and the US.

I am also a very visual person, and sharing my interpretation of the world through images is my third defining passion. Photography is more than a hobby for me—it is an outlet, a powerful form of expression, my own unique way to create, inspire, and leave a mark on this world.

Following these passions makes me feel great. And if I am feeling great, then everything around me is great! The quality of my work, my relationships, and my creativity are at their best!

My Approach

Design Thinking

I relay on Design Thinking to help teams grasp and address complex problems, create innovative solutions, and improve products and services with a user-centered perspective.

Adult Learning Theories

As adults, we have our own unique way of learning, quite different from the way children learn. Applying adult learning principles helps me design better learning solutions for different generations.

Growth Mindset

Having a growth mindset allows me to always give my best by keeping an open mind, being flexible, and building a self-culture of continuous learning. I love new challenges, and I see failures as opportunities to learn and grow.

Agile Development

As an Agile Certified Professional, I like to emphasize adaptive planning, and iterative and evolutionary development. Such development is rapid, flexible, and adapts quickly to change.


As a writer and journalist, telling stories is part of my nature. I enjoy crafting meaningful stories that connect users to real-life situations that can help them grasp and retain complex concepts.

High Performing Teams

Building high-performing teams is a challenging but fun and rewarding process. High-performing teams exhibit strong collaboration, diversity, constructive tension, empowerment, support, accountability, and respect. Having teams that build training with the latest tools is not enough; a true cultural transformation is needed to make a real impact.

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“Diana naturally takes on a leadership role, even in an informal capacity, and despite working in a contract position she took the time to build strong working relationships with fellow contractors on the project as well as myself/my team to create a positive and collaborative environment. Her efforts while on the Sprinklr project led to a customer satisfaction score of 9 out of 10 from learners taking an eLT or ILT/vILT course and enabled us to provide a consistent learning experience for our clients.”

— Carrie Le Sieur Former Sr. Director at SprinklrU Learning Services

“It’s rare to find an individual with both the skill to lead and the skill to perform. Diana joined our team three years ago for a ‘quick’ contract with a new client. Through Diana’s exceptional instructional design deliverables and her ability to navigate client expectations, this contract has expanded and extended. As the team expanded, Diana stepped into a leadership role handling not only her own work but the stream of work coming from the team. If you have the chance to work with Diana, take it. You will not be disappointed!”

— David Pesce Owner of Exputo